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"You’d have died if it weren’t for me, you know."

She could barely breathe past the pain in her chest, could only look up high enough to see the felblood’s clawed hand scratching his little gray cat behind her ears. Her purr was louder than seemed possible.

She coughed. Coughed and coughed until she spat up blood, before she could speak. “I…I know. That was reckless of me. Going out on my own. I didn’t think…Didn’t know they’d leave worgen to guard the place.”

"Now you know. And neither of us are going to speak about this again, are we?" He pulled out a glowing green stone from a pocket in his robes and crushed it in his hand. Kirenestus ran the stone over her injuries and they began to heal rapidly. "Not how close you came to death, nor how different I looked while saving you."

She looked up into his face and felt her blood run cold. His words were pleasant, but the look in his eyes was cold. Empty. She shook her head quickly. “No! No, no, of course not. We can keep that between us, Lord Duskhallow.”

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